Unbeknownst to them, Soutwest has a SQL Saturday hookup!

Being the Southwest fanbois that we are, I wanted to bring y’all this PSA 🙂


Everyone loves winglets. OK, maybe not everyone.

They’ve got a sale going on until the end of October 28 (tomorrow) Pacific Time where you can get flights for $30 if you’re going < 450 miles. They go up from there, but the prices are still pretty good.

The windows for the flights are December 1-15 and January 4-February 16. There are FIVE (5) whole SQL Saturdays within those two windows!

  • Dec 4, #61 in DC
  • Jan 15, #62 in Tampa
  • Jan 22, #45 in Louisville
  • Jan 29, #57 in Houston
  • Feb 5, #60 in Cleveland

Sooooo, if you’re wanting to hit up more SQL Saturdays or are speaking at one of those and have to foot the bill yourself, this might be a slightly cheaper way to pull it off.

…You know, if you don’t mind being stuffed in the back of a 737-700.

Edit: Forgot to put the direct link to their page that lists all of the covered cities/destinations: clicky

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  1. I always fly Southwest. Of course being 5’3″ means you are never stuffed into seat. I currently can’t get $30 for any of the locations I’m interested in (Cleveland in Feb? from FL?)

    1. Yeah, neither one of us are all that tall either, so it’s not too uncomfortable for us. We drag a /lot/ of crap with us, so the free checked bags are really nice.

      The good rates aren’t everywhere. I was testing around different things, then I noticed that they’ve got a button on that landing page I linked above that has a list of all of the covered flights. Was going to put that in the post but forgot (adding shortly).

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