Meme Monday #1: Spooky Asparagus

See Thomas’s post here for what on earth is going on.

After work, distracted by asparagus, forgot scheduled duties—coworkers left hanging 🙁

Spooky Asparagus

When you’re not paying attention and don’t see this until you’re about 3 feet away from it, it scares the crap out of you.

I’m pretty sure I only have one person to tag for this, so Tammy, get crackin’!

Late edit: Credit for the “Spooky Asparagus” phase goes to @SQLCheesecake, because he’s awesome like that.

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  1. Good writing advice from Thomas. That’s something they tell creative writers to do, too: even if you have no idea what to write (or if in the middle of something and don’t know what to write next), then write that…or anything else that comes to mind. Just keep going and eventually something will happen. One of the reasons I always have a separate “notes” file with any large creative writing project is so that I can write crap down somewhere when I need to. (And I don’t have to delete it later, so I can either use the good stuff that comes up or laugh at my insanity later.)

    To get better at writing, ya just need to keep writing. Even if it’s crap.

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