I’ve seen such pages as this on lots of other blogs, and since it is technically required for some of what I write, I had better get something put together and posted. Since said requirements have been recently beefed up, at least links to this page will start popping up in more places.

 As it stands today, here lies this blog’s official disclaimer and copyright notice:

The contents of this website/blog do not reflect anyone’s opinion or position on any topic, subject, or point, other than my own. Honestly, half the time, they might not even reflect what I think the day after. Content here does not reflect the opinions of my day-job employer or anyone else I may do data- or IT-related work for.

As a result, all said content on this site is owned exclusively by myself, Kerry Tyler (“Airborne Geek” in lots of places online). Excerpts or small sections are free to be duplicated as reference material in other works, as long as they are properly attributed and include a link or other equivalent reference back to the original posting. Full articles may be reproduced with direct permission by me (see my contact page).

Additionally, I am not directly compensated for pretty much anything seen here. If I am (such as, for a product review or something), I’ll let you know. Otherwise, if I’m talking about how badass some gadget is, it’s because I spent my own money on it and am telling you, dear reader, what I really think about it.

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